James Campbell

My name is Dr. James Campbell, bsc, PhD. I was the Head Software engineer for the NASDAQ for more than 11 years (1993-2004), and the founder of SETS System, the flagship electronic order book of the NASDAQ.

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Register for free, and you'll immediately receive more information about CaWealthGeneration.COM

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After retiring from my official capacity with the NASDAQ, I started developing a sensational online program with the assistance of four former top software engineers and algorithm experts from the NASDAQ. We developed a revolutionary web-tool that makes it possible for literally everyone to make money from the internet.

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When I was first employed by the NASDAQ in 1993, I was slated with the task of developing a completely new Electronic trading system for Europe's largest volume trading floor, the NASDAQ. With the help of 145 dynamic colleagues, it took us only three years and five months to complete the system, named SETS. SETS replaced the old outdated IBI system and eventually reached other markets. Therefore the revolutionary changes which the new system brought about were not confined to the NASDAQ: the system was adopted in nearly all European stock exchanges as well as other global trading floors.

The resulting development of the SETS system, led to an extraordinary growth in the volume of trading on the NASDAQ floor. This volume was unprecedented and helped the US market grow into the top 5 volume traded markets worldwide. In addition to the success on the trading floor that SETS encountered, it also generated plenty of worldwide interest in me and the software development techniques I employed to create the now worldwide standard for electronic trading. This interest resulted in plenty of awards and publicity, of which I was not particularity thrilled about. However this opportunity led me to tour Europe and North America, giving talks and seminars regarding software development and algorithmic analysis.

Inspired by the success of this project, I then set about developing a special program which would offer new opportunities for internet-based opportunities and work. By this time I had started my own small company that employed members of my former team from the NASDAQ and SETS project. My team now consists of Software developers, leading scientists, researchers and developers specializing in complex algorithms and object-oriented programming. The resulting program we created was an algorithm analysis program which now allows you to generate an income of up to $600 per day. Completely free and without any risk.


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